Friday, March 20, 2015

Friday's Fab Finds: Spring Edition

Happy first day of Spring! Pass me a Claritin. Here are a few things that have gotten us in the spring spirit even though it's snowing (!!!) in Philly. 

Lori's picks:

Trader Joe's Daffodils

Every year around springtime something magical happens. Trader Joe's sells 10 stems of daffodils for $1.49. From my experience they are usually right when you walk in. They look like they're dead or on the verge of dying, but bring them home and stick them in some water and practically overnight they will bloom and bring a smile to your face every time you look at them. Tip: grab 2 or 3 bunches for a big, bright effect!

With warmer weather comes less coats, layers, hats, mittens, etc. If you're a mom of a toddler you are probably already perpetually sweating (yes, we see you nodding) so we know that less is more in the clothing department. The vest is the perfect solution to the warmish weather on the horizon. It has pockets to shove some snacks and tissues in and gives the right amount of warmth.

Frugal Spring find of the week (possibly the year!)

When you walk into Anthropologie and see this, you grab it and ask questions later.

Luckily this cute little jacket was my size and is the perfect addition to my warm weather outerwear. The coloring in the pic below is off but since no one can agree on "the dress," (more info here. And for the record, it's gold and white - although my husband and Kristin will vehemently disagree with me on this) I said F it, I'm posting a horribly distorted picture. Back to the jacket. It has great lacy details, tons of pockets and a hood (good for those surprise spring showers that better bring some f'in flowers) You can find some great deals at Anthropologie if you really try. And I always try.

Jacket by Hei Hei

Kristin's picks:

Spring wreath
This little turquoise wickery thing was in the $1 spot at Target (although it was $3, don't get me started on how everything's no longer $1 in that section). At first I thought it was kind of thin, but then again if I wanted a big, full wreath I'd spend $20 on a fancy one at Michael's, wouldn't I? After digging through my ribbon drawer - yes, I have a ribbon drawer *cough* Monica Gellar  - I found a nice one to match it that's been sitting around since 2007 when I bought 5 rolls for a bridal shower and never used them. Then I attached this paper flower which was also a $1 Target find. I think it looks decent enough. If it doesn't, F-it!

Bare Republic natural mineral face sunscreen
As a redhead with super pale skin, I'm definitely a sunscreen connoisseur and wear it year-round, at least on my face. Now that spring is here and we're spending time outdoors again, I need to get back into my sunscreen routine. I switched to natural brands a few years ago after finding out what kind of crazy chemicals are in your average sunscreens. I'm a fan of Kiss My Face products, but I'm always willing to try something new, so of course I was intrigued when I spotted this new brand at Target (Yes, Target ... AGAIN). 

Anyway, I'd heard good things about Coola sunscreen but it's quite expensive ($32 for the face sunscreen) and I've never actually seen it in a store. I'm guessing Bare Republic is Coola's "made for Target" brand because it doesn't appear to be available elsewhere. I bought the SPF 30 face sunscreen and I'm loving it so far. It goes on really light, more like a serum - and in fact the texture is almost a little oily. Not in a bad way ... it's just not the typical sunscreen texture, and it melts into your skin instantly. I can't stand thick, white, chalky sunscreen - Badger, I'm looking at you!!!! - so this was a huge bonus in my book. We went to the park for about an hour on St. Patrick's Day when it was warm and sunny and my face didn't get pink. Plus, my skin is super acne prone, and this hasn't made me break out as of yet after a week, so I'm giving it an "F yeah." 

A look at some of the Bare Republic products (face is on the left)

That's it for this week! Happy Friday and happy spring!


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