Monday, March 23, 2015

Momma Mondays: Surviving Winter With a Toddler

With winter being a not-so-distant memory, we thought that we'd share some of our favorite cold weather/rainy day activities. When it's too gross to go outside and you're sick of your kid throwing every single toy he owns in your living room, try one of these toddler-approved ideas!

If you live near one of these Swedish gems consider yourself lucky. Ikea is a great place to kill some time and energy, give you new scenery and let your kid run f-ing wild while not worrying they're going to break something. I mean, they want you to 'test' their products and who better to do that than a rambunctious toddler? Once you burn off some energy running around and slamming every drawer in the joint, head to the snack bar and get yourself a $1 frozen yogurt. You deserve it. We're petitioning for a bar to be added. We'll keep you posted on that. *fingers crossed*

Bonus: Occasionally Ikea has "kids eat free" days. Free swedish meatballs? That I don't have to cook or clean up after? Sign me up. Also, head to the kids section of the store to 'test' out some toys, beds, play kitchens and mini chairs.

Mall play areas
Especially on cold, wet and/or snowy days, the mall is the perfect place to go. There's tons of new stuff to see, there's changing tables (Nordstrom has the best baby-related amenities), food courts and indoor play areas that are free. You could easily spend half a day at the mall with your little one and exhaust them (and your wallet).

Painting in the tub
I thought this was the greatest f-ing idea. I bought washable paint and rather than sit on the edge of my seat watching my kid 'paint' my entire living room I thought I'd just put it in the bathtub and he could go apeshit finger painting. It's a contained area and all I would have to do was rinse off the paint. Too bad I did this and my kid wanted NOTHING to do with it. WHAT. THE. F. Anyway maybe your kid will like this. Washable paint is a breeze to rinse off in the tub and down the drain it goes. It's something new to do in case you don't feel like watching another Bubble Guppies or Thomas episode.

Kids gyms
In Philly there are a few independent kids gyms but there are also national gyms (Kidville, Gymboree etc.) that might be in your neck of the woods. At the gyms I go to, they have open gym times where you pay X amount of money for 45 minutes of jumping, running and bouncing. When cabin fever sets in, I know where to go for 45 minutes where we'll have a lot of fun and get some exercise. They said it's 'for the kids' but we all know you come out sweating like a pig chasing around your kid.

Also, there are indoor playgrounds that are actually swingset stores! They're open to the public and for a small fee your kids can run around on the play equipment like maniacs. Near us, Rainbow Swingset in King of Prussia and Superior Play Systems in Norristown come to mind.


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