Sunday, March 15, 2015

Momma Mondays: Toddler Essentials

Last week we discussed new mom must-haves. This week we delve into the scary world of toddlerhood. Here are our picks for toddler essentials!

A Backpack and/or small crossbody
When I am out, I am usually always chasing my toddler around wherever we are (library, grocery store, park, museums, etc.). When I was pregnant I bought a diaper bag similar to this that is basically useless. It's cute, but it's not functional especially for the stage we are in now. I need to have both hands free to wrangle my kid while he's thrashing around.

Last summer/fall, I would spend a lot of time at our neighborhood parks and playgrounds and I would always leave my wallet in our stroller. I'm sure the parents at the playground are pretty honest. It's the kids you can't trust. That's when I decided to get a small crossbody that could just hold my wallet and phone. I knew that it wouldn't get too heavy and (theoretically) it would always be on my person.

The past few months, I spent a lot of time at the Please Touch Museum thanks to winter weather. I made the mistake of bringing my diaper bag in there with me once and I wanted to throw myself in front of the carousel. Trying to chase my son around with a bag flapping off my shoulder was too much and my shoulder hurt from toting it around. I left the stroller in the car because to be honest, the main point of bringing him there is to exert as much energy as possible so he sleeps like a log. Anyway, the next time I went I learned my lesson and brought my husband's backpack that's definitely seen better days but at least I had my hands free. I have since bought this backpack in a different pattern (and half the retail price). It's roomy, nylon and has side pockets for both mine and my son's water bottles. We took it on a trip and it's perfect for our everyday needs.

If you've been around a toddler long enough you know they're F'ing slobs. Every meal looks like a war zone and there's crumbs in every crevice of your house/couch/car/body. Enter the handvac. If there's one thing I use every single day, it's this badboy. I registered for this when I got married and it always looked pretty sitting in it's cute little charger. I used it once in a while but once my kid started eating real food this thing got put through the ringer. If you don't have one and have a tiny human on the verge of eating real food, go buy one immediately. You think you'll have time to drag out a vacuum cleaner, plug it in and use it? F-THAT!

Changing Station Genie
Although I'm filing this under an essential, I don't have one and I don't necessarily think it's mandatory but would be very handy to have. If I am running out and don't want to bring my entire backpack, I could just grab this. The real challenge here would be making sure it had diapers and/or wipes in it.

Bubble machine
Bubbles are the bane of my existence. My kid loves them but I hate them. Not to mention I suck at blowing them. I hate getting my fingers soapy and quite frankly it's a lot of work to repeatedly dip and blow enough to keep up with his demands. Browsing the aisles of Buy Buy Baby today I stumbled across this. A lazy mom's dream! At $12.99 I figured it was worth a shot. I just opened up the back and popped 3 AA's in and off it went. Bubbles galore. I'm going to give it a shot outside and if it craps out on me, F-it, I'll go back to the old-fashioned way. Until then I'm going to sit back and watch my son try to catch endless bubbles and be happier than a pig in shit.

What are your must-haves for the under 4 crowd?


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