Thursday, March 5, 2015

That time we decided to start a blog

So we figured it was probably a good idea to introduce ourselves and give you an idea of what this blog will be all about. We like the same things a lot of 30-somethings like to do: dinners with our friends, playing with our kids, heading out on the occasional date night, watching The Bachelor, a good mani/pedi. We aren't gourmet chefs or Pinterest queens but like to try new recipes and projects ... as long as they aren't going to make too much of a mess and/or require our kid to need a bath afterward. 

But sometimes (okay, a LOT of the time) we try these things and find ourselves saying F IT! Why can't life be a little less complicated? We felt there was a need for a blog for moms (and anyone else) who like to keep it real. Nothing complicated or crazy expensive. Just tips, reviews and reality TV talk for your everyday chick. So here we are. 

Hi! I'm Lori. Mom (servant) to Nolan (born June 2013) and wife to Mark. I live in Philly and absolutely love it. I'm a stay at home mom, which 2 years ago sounded like a vacation to me. Now I'm here to tell you it's a real job. 24/7/365. Blahblahblah whatever. I tell you this because I'm not here to talk about world issues, politics or anything serious. The main dilemmas I face in any given day are what I'm going to wear, what I'm feeding my family and how I'm going to distract my toddler long enough to allow me to do those things without losing my mind or burning down the house. The last thing I want to do in my free time is talk about world peace and sit in a circle singing kumbaya. People, I want to talk about fantasy suites, what I should be shopping for next or what hot new cocktail I should try. And when all else fails I just have to close my eyes, take a deep breath and say... F IT!

Mom, wife, editor, author, chauffeur, foreign language translator (toddler to English) ... okay I wear a lot of hats. Actually, they're usually fascinators because I have an obsession with all things English, but that's a story for another day. I'm a bit of an online shopping expert - literally, that's my day job - so I'm always into discussing the latest sales, sites and ways to save money. Like my BFF, I rarely have time to think beyond what I'm doing that afternoon, let alone plan elaborate meals, so the Crock Pot is my savior. And since entertaining a two-year-old for longer than thirty seconds is a challenge, I'm always on the lookout for fun activities that don't cost a fortune. Anything that doesn't involve watching Frozen for the 578th time is cool with me! I'm also a huge reader, and my first novel comes out this summer, so I'm looking forward to sharing my favorite fun, fab reads. In case you haven't caught on, we're all about the "F" theme here.

Welcome to our world!


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