Friday, April 3, 2015

Friday's Fab Finds: Easter Edition

It's Good Friday and we're being crafty mother F'ers this afternoon in preparation for Sunday!

Personalized Easter Buckets

Lori ordered a personalized Easter bucket on the Mark and Graham website and (in her words) had a "severe lapse in judgement" since it cost $45.31 with the shipping, etc. Luckily, they contacted her and said the buckets were out of stock, and she got the idea to make one herself instead.

I spotted these buckets at our beloved Target for $5, plus I had a 5% off Cartwheel coupon, so it was game on!

One of Lori's Instagram followers, aNn_Monograms, has an Etsy shop and makes the cutest monogram decals, so Lori contacted her about making a bunny/name decal to get a similar look to the Mark and Graham style. We were super excited to get them, and she even offered two different font options (we used the extra names on sippy cups). All for six bucks! Thanks, Ashley - we'll be back so we can monogram anything that isn't moving!

We sat down to make the buckets after an unsuccessful attempt at the Chick-Fil-A playground today (don't ask) and found it to be a super easy project, if not slightly challenging with two toddlers who keep stealing the buckets ... and if you spill a glass of water all over the table in the middle of doing it. Hey, I never claimed to be coordinated.

We gathered our decals, buckets and a credit card to get the air bubbles out of the decals. Application was really easy and quick. If you end up making a basket similar or want to personalize anything, Ashley sends detailed instructions, but just think of it like a temporary tattoo minus the water. Even the most craft-challenged people can make something look like you paid $45 f-ing dollars for it. Start to finish the entire decal application took probably 4 minutes.

Easter Tablecloth and Bunting

Two more Tar-jhay finds! (Really, we do shop in other stores .... I swear). The tablecloth is the vinyl kind, so it's super easy to wipe clean, aka toddler friendly. Plus it's only $4.99! And the bunting ($6.99) is made from a nice fabric and definitely looks more expensive than your regular old Target decoration.

Don't forget about our Easter desserts -- who can resist Peeps Krispies Treats? Happy Easter, everyone!


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