Friday, April 10, 2015

Friday's Fab Finds

After the craziness of Easter (seriously, no more candy in our houses EVER again) we're ready to TGIF-it! As always, here are some of our favorites this week:

Lori's picks:

Zing Zang Bloody Mary Mix
Always on the hunt for a good bloody mary mix, I have found the holy grail. Ironically, I stumbled across this one at a 1st birthday party and haven't looked back. I looked up their website and was about to order a case online but held off because the shipping costs were astronomical. I'm glad I did because when I was in Target, they had it. For less than $5 you can mix up your own bloodies and add whatever accouterments you f-ing feel like. I like bacon, pickles, olives and shrimp. Not necessarily all at once, but far be it from me to judge you if you had a small salad hanging off your glass. My husband and I have Sunday Bloody Sundays and this takes the guesswork out of what mix to buy every week or *gasp* resort to making my own. F-ing phenomenal. Check their website and there's a store locator to find out what places near you carry Zing Zang. Make sure you get a few bottles so you never find yourself without.

Homegoods Print
For $16.99 I have some new love for my walls. Cheaper than a frame this size, this is a great find. I'm somewhat of a Homegoods whore so if there's one near me, chances are I'm going in it. Granted this is usually a sweatfest since my kid isn't much of a shopper, but I can tell you that every Homegoods store in the tristate area I've been in in the past few months have had adorable framed prints similar to this one.

8 Minutes on A&E
I'm obsessed with the show Intervention so when the good people of A&E put out another reality show, I'm definitely dvr'ing it. In the past 2 years, my TV watching has took a turn for the worst but I manage to keep the regulars in my rotation (The Bachelor, Big Brother, etc.). Every once in a while I add a new favorite to my arsenal and 8 Minutes has officially been added to the series recording list on my DVR. If you haven't heard or seen it, it's about an ex-police officer, Kevin who just also happens to be a pastor. He works with a team of sex trafficking advocates (ex-victims) to find women they feel are in need of help and guidance to get out of "the life." They give themselves 8 Minutes to try and convince the woman that there is a way out and that they're there to help.  If you like this kind of show, watch. This show is eye-opening, fascinating, sad and hopeful. Basically everything The Bachelor is but in a much different sense.

Kristin's picks:

Honest Kids Organic Super Fruit Punch
I'll be "honest" (ha ha) about this juice: I totally buy it for myself, not my kid. I like to use it in my chia drinks! It has a very light fruit flavor, and doesn't taste super sugary like most juices because it's only sweetened with fruit, not sugar. I get mine at Wegmans or Target but I'm sure you can find it at most grocery stores.

KitchenArt Adjustable Measuring Spoon
I don't know how this happened, and I'd love for someone to explain it, but all of my measuring spoons disappeared. Like, socks? Okay, I kind of get it. But measuring spoons? What the F. I headed to Bed, Bath & Beyond to get another set and discovered this gem. You just slide the little guide on the top to adjust the spoon to the measurement you need, so you only need one spoon instead of five or whatever. Not only does it save space, it saves on doing dishes! I've been doing more baking/cooking than usual lately - thank you, Try-it Tuesday - so this has seen a ton of use.

MUA Heaven and Earth Palette
This has been my go-to eyeshadow palette for about two years now ever since my friend Lizzie in England sent me a few different MUA kits. Heaven and Earth is a fraction of the Naked palette's cost at just £4 (about $5.86), and I've found the shadows are super long-lasting and highly pigmented. Unfortunately you can't get them in America, and Superdrug (UK drugstore) doesn't ship to the States. I just recently found out you can buy MUA palettes online from Crush Cosmetics, an Australian site that features global beauty brands. For $7.99 plus $10 international shipping, it's not a bad deal ... and unless you have a trip abroad planned or a friend in the UK, it's probably the only way you'll get one.


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