Monday, April 20, 2015

Momma Mondays: Toddler-Approved TV

If you're like us, you probably had grand aspirations when it came to TV time and your kid. "He's definitely not watching any TV until he's older," we'd say. And then we realized we needed to get some F'ing work done.

Now it's not like our kids watch TV 24-7, but a few shows a day isn't really going to hurt anyone. We tried to narrow it down to our top five, but said F-it and included a sixth! Here are a few of their favorites:

Thomas and Friends
Maybe it's the accents, maybe it's the blinking faces on trains. Whatever it is, this show is a favorite with our kids. Each show has a song and some 'real-life' train action that captivates kids much to our dismay. If you want your kid to get hooked on a show that has licensed products galore, this is where it's at.

Sesame Street
We loved it as kids and we can still love it as adults thanks to the incorporation of people we like (Bruno Mars, Andy Cohen, etc.) that are not Elmo. Not only is it educational, but it's entertaining even for parents. This is the lesser of all evils as far as children's shows go in our honest opinion.

Fireman Sam
This is an Amazon show that my kid loves. There's a ton of fire trucks and ladders to keep him occupied for hours. Give it a shot if your kid loves trucks, sirens, flashing lights, etc.

Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood
At first you might wonder what the F is going on, because it's like a cartoon version of Mr. Rogers. But then your kid will be so quiet you'll be yelling, God bless you, Daniel Tiger!! He's a little whiney, but not in the Caillou sort of way, so it's manageable. Bonus: They might even want to go to the potty after watching the one episode about it. Downside: You'll be singing, "If you have to go potty, STOP and go right away! Flush and wash and be on your way!"

Sofia the First
This is Kristin's personal favorite kid's show, but unfortunately A's Sofia kick seems to be over and is replaced with Daniel. Princesses like Aurora and Mulan and Jasmine show up magically! Tim Gunn is the royal steward and every so often slips in a "make it work" reference! I was more excited about the Tiana Christmas episode than most children. You go, Sofia.

Bubble Guppies
This show raises a lot of questions. Like, how is it raining underwater? And how do they have airplanes? Whatever, because kids love this stuff and it's actually educational - whether it's an episode about instruments in an orchestra or how bees make honey. The songs really are pretty catchy, so don't be surprised if they're stuck in your F'ing head all day. "Super, super supermarket!"

Any other shows we should check out? Did we miss any of your favorites?


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