Monday, April 6, 2015

Momma Mondays: Feeding your little F-ers

If you have a kid, are having one, are babysitting or are passing one on the street, we have compiled a list of some foods and snacks that our F'ers love.

Dr. Praeger's Spinach Cakes
For a quick lunch, dinner or snack, I just grab one of these from the fridge, lovingly prepare microwave it for 1:30, and then cut it up and my son goes to town. It's hearty enough that it fills him up, has vegetables in it so it's fairly healthy (hey, I could be flying through the Mickey D's drive-thru!), and I don't have to cook it. Although I don't eat these myself, I've tasted them and they are delicious.

Duh. An old standby that have probably been around longer dirt. I bring these up because I know you're probably sitting there with those empty plastic canisters of puffs surrounding you. Yes, I bought them too so I definitely can't judge. But I'm here to share wisdom that was passed down to me by a veteran momma (hi Amy!) which was just give those little f-ers Cheerios. You can get a lifetime supply for about 1/1000000 the price of those glorified Cheerios. And less waste. Because we know our little f-ers fly through puffs like it's their job and you're left in a room surrounded by puffs containers.

Snapea Crisps
I stumbled across these because another kid at the library had these one day. We all know how that goes. I'm far from a nutritional expert but these have the word PEAS in their name so they have to be somewhat healthy. Right?

Belvita Bites
Regular chocolate Belvitas are pretty satisfying so I figured the miniature version would be as well. The 'bites' come in chocolate and mixed berry. I've only tried the chocolate because why would you choose berry when you can have chocolate? ANYWHO, these f-ers are an awesome on-the-go snack. Besides being adorable, there are a ton of little bites in each packet. Your kid will definitely think they're getting 'cookies' and not a semi-healthy chocolate snack.

Chobani Kids Greek Yogurt Tubes *frozen*
I hate yogurt. I take that back. I hate feeding it to my kid because it just makes one big f-ing mess. You're one hand slap away from having that sh*t everywhere. On my hands, on his hands, on the floor, in his hair. No bueno. Well, when I saw these little tubes I decided to give it a shot. The flavors are geared toward children (I got the grape and watermelon pack) and it was a Target cartwheel item so I went for it. I gave Nolan a watermelon one as soon as we got home and he liked it. I wouldn't say he loved it. I tried it and the flavor wasn't overpowering or fake tasting so if you're worried about that, don't be. Next time I was in the fridge, I noticed on the box that it says clear as day that they are FREEZABLE. It was like a lightbulb went off in my head. I froze the rest of the box and have been giving it to him for lunch as a 'side' and he loves them. I guess everything's better frozen!

*tip* If you do end up trying these and freezing them, make sure all yogurt is pushed down away from the 'tear here' end. When you take it out and try to tear it, it's near impossible if all the frozen yogurt is shoved up near the end.

*last tip* Refer to the frozen yogurt tubes as ice cream and watch your kid act like he's pulled one over on you. Joke's on them! Use as bribes, rewards, etc.

Annie's Bunnies (crackers or fruit snacks)
If I had a dollar for every time I heard "BUNNIES!"I'd be F'ing rich! The individual packets of crackers are the way to go, perfect to throw in your purse or diaper bag in case of meltdown. The fruit snacks are more of the occasional treat since the dentist wasn't a fan, but these things are like crack for kids. And since they're organic, they've got to be better than the high fructose corn syrup kind, right?


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