Friday, May 15, 2015

Friday's Fab Finds

Lori's picks:

The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up: The Japanese Art of Decluttering and Organizing
Our friend Dana first introduced us to this little gem giving us some tips and tricks from this book and much to my surprise I got some mail the other day - my very own copy! We played the "pay it forward" game on Facebook at the beginning of the year and I was paid forward with my very own copy from her. I dove right in and feel super inspired. One of the first points that the author makes is that you need to tidy up by category. Well, I kind of cheated and just purged a bunch of stuff in our guest room closet that has been collecting dust to kick off my mission to declutter. The fact that it's out on our sidewalk waiting to get picked up by the garbage truck this afternoon makes me feel so much better. I set aside a spring cleaning weekend (exciting I know) so I hope to have the book finished by then and put the author's tips into practice. Check to see if your library has a copy or get one here.

Kids Keens
Kristin snagged me a pair of these for my son at the consignment sale presale this year and have been the perfect warm weather footwear.  My son even has tan lines already from them. They are sturdy and have a great grip on them so if we're walking around or splashing at the sprayground, they won't slip around. I'm just happy that I don't have to try and find matching socks and he can wear these with bare feet. It also has reminded me how much I love velcro and how I'll never buy another pair of shoes with laces no matter how f'ing cute they are. You can find a whole bunch of different styles here.

Wire bow headwrap
With summer on the horizon, I become even lazier when it comes to my hair. We're going to be outside a lot and ain't nobody got time to dry or straighten their hair only to have it frizz up minutes later. I've been beefing up my headwrap collection and the perfect place to go is Forever 21. They have cute hair accessories for dirt cheap. My current fave is this one but they have a ton to choose from. Just throw some mousse or serum in your hair, let it air dry and throw a headwrap on.

Headwrap in action. Perfect little accessory to keep hair out of your face while you're chasing your little f-er around.

Kristin's picks:

It's Only a Play on Broadway
I went to this play with my mom on Saturday and it was fantastic! I've been wanting to see Nathan Lane and Matthew Broderick together on Broadway for years, so this was definitely super exciting for me as a theatre geek (even though neither of them came out to sign autographs, womp womp). I was laughing so hard I was crying at points, especially at T.R. Knight's performance. Who knew George from Grey's would steal the show? Speaking of, he was the only cast member to come out after the show, and was so nice. We chatted about McDreamy kicking the bucket, ha! The show ends in June, I believe, so hurry up and get tickets ASAP if you can. Definitely an F-yeah in my book!

Loved T.R.! 

Xfinity Voice Remote
Okay, this is a fairly big jump from a Broadway show, but bear with me. This new remote just randomly showed up at our house last week, and I never knew I needed it until now. Press the blue microphone button and say "Watch Daniel Tiger" (or, you know, something more entertaining when the kids aren't around) and it automatically changes to that station if it's on live TV, or else it brings up the On Demand episodes. Genius!

Ariana Capri Breeze Plastic Planter
These colorful planters caught my eye at Home Depot a couple of months ago, and not only were they really cheap (from $1.88 depending on the size) but they have a self-watering tray inside. This was the biggest selling point for me because I kill any kind of plant that I come into contact with, no matter how much I say I'm going to remember to water it. Well, these flowers (and I have no idea what kind they are, but we also bought them at Home Depot) have stuck around since the end of March or so. Knock on wood!


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