Thursday, May 14, 2015

Stitch Fix Review: May 2015

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Chances are, you've heard your friends talking about Stitch Fix, especially if you're a mom. When you spend every waking second taking care of a family, house, work, etc. it can be hard to find time to shop for yourself, let alone run from store to store (or website to website) finding the perfect pieces that not every other thirty-something is wearing. 

Basically, Stitch Fix is a personal styling service that sends hand-picked outfits and accessories to your front door. You fill out a simple profile answering questions about your style, what types of things you're looking for, your measurements and so forth, and then schedule the date when you'd like a shipment. Easy peasy! Keep what you like, and send the rest back in a prepaid mailing bag; all you pay is a $20 styling fee, which they subtract from any of your purchases. If you don't keep anything, you do lose the $20, though.

Exactly a year ago, I tried Stitch Fix for the first time when we were headed to Disney. In my note, I requested clothes I could wear on our vacation. Well, I got black pants, a sweater ... you get the picture. Not stuff I could wear in 90-degree Florida weather, let alone May in Philly. They were really nice about crediting my account for the $20 styling fee to use toward a second box, and I did end up keeping the black pants because I liked them. I figured my note with the style request might have been lost, so I tried to keep an open mind for my next fix.

Then in June, I decided to use my styling credit for some outfits to wear on a trip to NYC.  I loved one of the dresses and would have kept it, but it had snags all over it, the other dress had a tiny hole, and there was a really unflattering top and a basic necklace that cost way too much for what it was. Again, I was super bummed (and had to go shopping last-minute for my trip) but I did keep an awesome pair of denim boyfriend shorts I wore a million times last summer. At $60ish, they were more than I have ever spent on shorts, but I wear them so often they were 100% worth the investment.

So, feeling slightly apprehensive, I decided to try again this month. Even though not everything worked for me, I thought this stylist did a better job and took the time to look at my Pinterest boards and our blog to see what kind of things I liked. 

Here's a rundown of the pieces I received, prices, and my reviews on what I kept/sent back:

The styling cards you get with your fix
All 5 pieces. I never claimed to be a photo stylist!

Gilli Keli Maxi Dress: $78 ... or $54?
I asked for a short-sleeve maxi, so I was excited when I first pulled this out of the box. The fit of the dress was great, I liked the drawstring waist, and the material was a nice quality. Something just felt off to me, though. Not that I wear super revealing clothing, but this felt like something I would have brought to India a few years ago when I had to dress super modestly. I would've liked a v-neck better. I might have kept it if I'd received it in September, ready to wear with a scarf and denim jacket (I tried it on with that combo and it looked really cute), but on its own this didn't look quite right, and I didn't feel like I'd get enough use out of it if I could only wear it a couple of months a year. I also thought $78 was way too expensive, but when I logged in to submit my order, it said the dress was $54. Weird. Either way... Verdict: F-it! 

Gentle Fawn Orlana Space Dye Tank: $34
This was a totally see-through, tissue thin top that I felt would snag super easily. It's more the type of top I'd wear for workout clothing vs. actual life, and I didn't think it was flattering AT ALL, so it wasn't a keeper. Verdict: F-it! 

Papermoon Clift Crochet Hem Top: $38 
I love the color of this top, and the material is a nice, semi crinkly, flowy summer weight (excuse the wrinkles in the pic). The shape is loose and really forgiving, and it looks perfect with the aforementioned jean shorts from my last fix - I also loved that my Stitch Fix stylist mentioned the shorts in her note to me, and said this tank would be great paired with them. I appreciated her looking into the things I've bought in the past and finding a top to match! This is the type of top you could wear for a ton of different occasions and look totally appropriate whether it's a BBQ with shorts or something a little more dressy with a blazer. Verdict: F-yeah!

Le Lis Nammi Pintuck Detail Knit Top: $44
I wasn't a huge fan of the odd striped pattern on this top, although maybe it might have looked okay on a short dress. It had this gathered thing in the back which reminded me of a maternity shirt, and I felt like it made me look pregnant on top of it. Also, material-wise, it felt like a top I could get at Target for 15 bucks, so the price was outrageous. Verdict: F-it! 

Pixley Ellie Elephant Print Blouse: $48
My stylist had noticed I pinned an elephant-print top, so she included this in the box, which was cool. This was the one item I was very on the fence about, because I instantly loved the print, but I didn't feel like I really needed a 3/4 sleeve blouse at this stage in the season when it's already been in the high 80s. However, since it's so lightweight and flowy, it's one of those tops you can wear for a date/going out with friends on a summer night with shorts. Ultimately I decided to keep it because it's not like anything else in my wardrobe and I think I'll get a lot of use out of it. I actually wore this outfit yesterday since the weather was in the 60s here, and I was super comfortable. It also looks cute with a vest over it! Verdict: F-yeah!

Overall verdict: F-yeah! 
I'm pleased with the things I kept, and it's a fun surprise to see what they've sent you and to try it all on, but this isn't something I'd do every single month. I like shopping and picking things out myself, and personally, I think it's too expensive to receive regular fixes. You get a 25% discount if you keep all five items, but you're looking at about $200+ a month if you keep everything, depending on the cost of the pieces. My "buy 5" price would have been $166.50, to give you an idea, but for the other boxes I received, it was more like $225-$250.

It's definitely a fun thing to do every so often, especially at the start of a new season, or if you're on the hunt for a specific event and don't know what to wear/don't have time to track something down. I have several author events and conferences to attend this summer, so I'll be receiving my next Stitch Fix delivery in late July and hopefully get some cool outfits to wear.

Have you tried Stitch Fix? Sign up here and let us know what you think! 


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