Tuesday, May 26, 2015

The Bachelorette Season 11 Recap: Week 2

Not gonna lie, this episode wasn't the most exciting. But to be fair, I was trying to finish my book before bed and was only half paying attention ... and had to rewatch it today to even take any notes. Anyone else? Luckily, Nick comes back soon (hopefully) and we'll have some exciting drama on the way!

In any case, here we go with our favorite (and what the F??) moments of the episode:

What the F's:

Although we're happy she's found someone, the Britt/Brady thing looked so staged. She didn't look surprised whatsoever...were they even dating beforehand and this was all set up? HMMM.

Jared's fluorescent pink/yellow ensemble with black converse could best be described as "interesting." Is he color blind? Or just doesn't care? Although, we should probably give him a break considering he'd just gotten out of the hospital after being punched in the face. Poor Jared.

Had no idea "underwater conceptual photographer" was a profession. Also, can someone hook that photographer up with Tony the healer? Something tells me they would vibe. On that note, very confused about the logistics of making out underwater.

Kaitlyn is Amy Schumer's favorite person that's ever been on The Bachelor/ette? Really?

Is Joshua the welder really Travis Stork reincarnated?

Leave it to ABC to do some shameless promotion. In this case it's these no name comedians.

Tony in general is a what the F, but that "stand up comedy routine" was CRINGE WORTHY. And yes, stand up comedy has to be in quotes because he never told a single F'ing joke. Is this guy actually for real? Did ABC plant him? So many questions!

For the rose ceremony, Kaitlyn again chose a disco ball dress. Except this time, it had a slit so high we were nervous when she sat down, and it looked like someone had slashed the sides out with a pair of scissors.


Laila Ali was pretty badass and pretty sure she could beat the crap out of 100% of those guys.

Quote of the night: "My idea of going to the gym is sitting in the steam room for 30 minutes" - Tanner. A-F'ing-MEN.

Tony used the word "fisticuffs" in a sentence and was one hundred percent serious about it.

Amy Schumer! Enough said.

Kaitlyn's black-and-white sleeveless top during the stand up date was super cute. Hoping Possessionista will ID that one!

Chris the dentist, aka the guy who drove in a cupcake mobile, looked like he was going to bomb but ended up being pretty endearing in that toothpaste mint shirt. Take it off, cupcake!

So F'ing glad Kaitlyn kicked Kupah off before the rose ceremony. Ignoring her at the boxing date was already not cool. But then saying something about being a minority to fill a quota was really not cool. Also, instead of convincing her he was "there for her" (drink!) he said he was "totally committed to the process." Aka, "I want to be on TV." NEXT!

What were your F-yeahs and What the F's this week?


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