Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Fab Fiction: June 2015

June has been packed for me, personally and professionally, and while I had lofty goals of all these books I was going to read, I only managed three. And while beach reads are great in theory, when you have a toddler it's kind of a production to read more than a few lines at a time.

Anywayyy ... I'm going to do things a bit differently for June and talk about books I read, books I started, and what's up for next month. July is going to be hit or miss for me reading-wise with my own book launch coming up, but I'm planning to share some of the year's best beach reads with you!

Books I finished in June:

Eight Hundred Grapes by Laura Dave
This was my first Laura Dave book and I will now be ordering her others because I loved this one so much. I brought it to the beach and then left it there (aaaaghh!!!) but luckily I had it on Netgalley too, so all was good. I couldn't stop reading and finished this in about 48 hours, which is huge for me. The story follows Georgia, a woman who returns to her family's California winery after finding out her fiance was hiding a huge secret about his past. If you don't want to go to wine country (or at least enjoy a nice glass) after reading this book, you might be crazy. The first chapter really surprised me and actually taught me a lesson about revealing backstory that I probably needed while working through the draft of my next manuscript. Thanks for that, Laura!

Those Girls by Lauren Taft
Contemporary YA is typically not my bag, but I came across this one on Netgalley (I think I must have received an email about being pre-approved to read it, because like I said, I don't typically seek out this genre) and the Philadelphia prep school setting and Mean Girls-esque theme caught my eye, so I thought why not? This was a super fast read and another one that would be perfect for the beach/vacation. If you thought what the characters in Mean Girls did was bad, then you'll be in for a shock here. Let's just say there a few things that happen that will make you thankful you never had friends like these in school (well, I hope you hadn't, at least). I do wish the ending had wrapped up a bit more of the story, but overall, I thought the book was really well written and had some laugh out loud moments. I would definitely read another book by this author.

The Santangelos by Jackie Collins
Confession: this is the first Jackie Collins novel I've ever read. I know, I know. My romance writer membership card should probably be revoked. Anyway, I was excited to read this one, and it was pretty much everything I thought it would be. Sex, drugs, murder, fame, fortune, exotic locations ... it's got everything a dishy, soap opera-esque summer read should have and then some. The story follows the matriarch of the Santangelo family, Lucky, along with her model daughter, nightclub owner son, his assistant district attorney girlfriend, and a pretty big cast of crazy characters. Each point of view was so distinct that I never got confused, and I liked peeping into the world of each of the different characters. At 535 pages, this isn't the shortest read, but the chapters are short and fast paced, so if you have a long flight ahead (or kid-free beach/pool time), you definitely won't be bored if you bring this one along. And although the story follows characters that have been around for decades, you definitely don't need to have read any of her previous Lucky books to know what's going on.  Find out how to win a copy at the bottom of this post!

Books I started in June:

Those Secrets We Keep by Emily Liebert
I started this book last week about three women who come to Lake George to escape from the problems in their lives. I'm not very far along, but so far I absolutely love it, just like the other Emily Liebert books I've read. I plan to finish it over the 4th of July weekend and I'm looking forward to some reading time!

Reached by Ally Condie
I mentioned this in Friday Finds a few weeks ago about how I did a free trial of Audible and got this on audiobook. It's been enjoyable so far, and the story is pretty much what I expected after having read the first two in this dystopian YA series. I've been busy watching/listening to other stuff, but I'm hoping to finish this in July.

Books I want to read next month:

Courtship of the Cake by Jessica Topper: 
Jess is a friend of mine and I love her books! Looking forward to this bakery/rock star-themed romance.

Tiny Little Thing by Beatriz Williams: I'm a huge Beatriz Williams fan, so I've been waiting for this book for a while and was excited when I received an advance copy. I'll have a book to give away, too!

Shelter Us by Laura Nicole Diamond: I received a review copy of this book about a grieving mother, and it looks heavy, but inspiring.

Giveaway time!

Thanks to Get Red PR, we have one copy of The Santangelos by Jackie Collins to give away! (US/Canada readers only). Just use the Rafflecopter widget below to enter. We'll announce the winner on July 8. Good luck!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

The Bachelorette Season 11 Recap: Week 7

Not sure how we feel about this being the season with no rules. No hometowns? Down to 3 guys already? Whatever works, but this new format is still annoying. The rose ceremony wasn't even until half way through the episode. This week there were a lot more "what the F's" than "F Yeahs," that's for sure!

What the F's

Gosling is having a "very hard time" with Kaitlyn talking to other guys, as he told us 149756597 times. He can't eat, sleep, etc. Does he realize this is a show called The Bachelorette where the whole point is to date 10 guys at once? Just sayin.

The two-on-one date, aka "two guys you know you aren't picking" date. So awkward (although nothing could be as awkward as Ashley and Kelsey in the desert). Plus, you know both guys realize they aren't going to be the final one.

JJ cheated on his wife?! Kaitlyn's WHAT THE F face, and then him being like "oh yeah I feel like I'm getting the rose" was just cringe city.

Gosling's bright blue suit. No words.

Oh no, now Ben H is getting Gosling syndrome! Nooooooo!

"I didn't say it was intimate" - Nick. Uhhhh...actually you did.

She just seemed really not into Nick during their whole convo which is weird, because she's always been SO into him. No eye contact, just being very distant. Was it regret over having sex? Or just being upset in general? This threw us off and was confusing.

She gave Cupcake a rose over Ben Z?

Oh, Cupcake. Bless your heart pulling a full Mesnick over the cliff (or as full of a Mesnick as one can pull over a cliff). That wasn't just crying, that was UGLY crying. Quite possibly the worst breakdown we've seen on this show, and that's saying a lot.

F Yeah's

Kaitlyn basically telling Shawn to stop being a pussy and buck up and deal with it because now she's questioning him after the SECOND time he went to her hotel room. YOU GO KAITLYN.

Loved Kaitlyn's rose ceremony dress!

Kristin could totally relate to Kaitlyn spazzing on the road trip because there's NO way she could drive on the wrong side.

Love the Cliffs of Moher! See below, circa October 2000:

Because buying a men's anorak seemed like a great idea. #Y2Kstyle

Also enjoying the ring Kaitlyn was wearing while bawling at the cliffs.

Next week's episode looks super dramatic (drink!) and full of "what the F" moments. Can't wait!

Monday, June 29, 2015

Momma Mondays: Clean out your cabinet challenge!

If you're anything like me, your pantry and freezer have things you bought with full intention of eating, but forgot about. Since we're going on vacation next week, I've challenged myself to make dinner this week with things that I already have.

First up is this one-pot meal: Andouille Sausage Skillet Pasta. I bought a ginormous package of andouille sausage from Costco that came in 2 separate packs. I used one pack a few weeks ago and the remaining pack is inching up on its expiration date, so I turned to Pinterest and typed in 'andouille sausage' and this magical recipe appeared. I saw one-pot and was in. I have most of the ingredients on hand so this will clear out some fridge space and hopefully be a decent meal. I'm going to throw some spinach in it as well so I don't have to worry about making a separate veggie. I'll keep you posted on how it turns out.

(source: damndelicious.net)
Other meals this week include some Pulled Chicken sandwiches and finagling something from frozen chicken breasts.

Do you have any good 'clear out your cabinet' recipes? Let us know!

Friday, June 26, 2015

Friday's Fab Finds

The first official week of summer is at its end, and it's been kind of crazy around here. Disastrous swim lessons (don't ask), zoo trips, tall ships and a giant rubber duck - so much going in Philly! Time to round up a few of our favorite things this week:

Lori's picks:

Ring Rash Relief!
If you read our Fab Finds last Friday, you'll remember I tried a ring rash relief and I'm happy to report it worked. I haven't taken my rings off in a week and not an ounce of redness or itchiness. F-YEAH! To read more about the instructions I used that I can vouch as 100% effective, go here.

Big Brother
If you're a loyal fan or are new to Big Brother, it's not too late to start watching. There have only been 2 episodes this week (Wednesday and Thursday night) so you can most certainly catch up now. After a few episodes I guarantee you'll be hooked and will be begging for more than the already 3 hour-long episodes they have each week. It's a big commitment but trust me, you won't mind. Plus, you can chat with me about it and always have something on your DVR all summer long.

Watermelon ice cubes
I don't make cakes, I barely make dinner, and I don't throw my kid pinteresting birthday parties, but every now and again I find something on Pinterest that I'll actually do. This week's earth shattering breakthrough was watermelon ice cubes. All you do is cut up a watermelon (or buy it cut, although even *I* don't even do this because they charge an arm and a leg for it) and freeze the cut up pieces in a plastic bag.  I drink an f-ton of seltzer so I added a few watermelon ice cubes and it gave my sparkling water a nice little flavor and color. Thinking of adding them to a vodka soda this weekend. They also make a nice snack for the kiddos. I gave pieces to my son at the zoo during the week and it was a nice, cool snack that he couldn't blow right through like he normally does.

Kristin's picks:

Crest 3D White Luxe Glamorous White Toothpaste
I've tried Crest White Strips a few times over the years, but I hate putting them on, they taste weird, they're expensive, and frankly I'm just lazy and never remember to do it. That being said, I haven't tried the strips in probably a decade (even though they did work). I spotted this whitening toothpaste on sale at Target yesterday and figured I'd give it a go since it requires a lot less effort. It promises to remove up to 90% of stains in five days, so I'll report back next week on the results!

Golden Girls Makeup Bag
Lori saw this about a month ago and sent me the link, and as a huge GG fan obviously I had to get one. They're handmade in Austin, Texas by an artist named Kayci Wheatley, and so freaking cute. If you know someone who loves Sophia, Blanche, Rose and Dorothy this is a must-have gift, and at $29.99 it won't cost an arm and a leg for something unique. And even if you don't love The Girls, they sell a variety of other celeb pouches like Full House, Madonna, Biggie Smalls, Marc Jacobs, the list goes on. The site where I bought it, Alwaysfits.com, has loads of other cute stuff as well!

That's it for this week - we'll be back after the weekend with Momma Mondays as usual!
Tuesday, June 23, 2015

The Bachelorette Season 11 Recap: Week 6

We'd like to start off this recap with a tweet by women's fiction author extraordinaire (who also live tweets The Bachelor/ette every week), Jennifer Weiner:

This shouldn't even need to be said, but: when a 30-year-old woman sleeps with a guy she's dating, no need to freak out.

Amen, sister.

What the F's

We started the show off with Ian being a douche, as continued from last week. "I'm not lame like the other guys." "I'm being punished for being an intellectual." Riiiiight. And PLEASE STOP TALKING ABOUT BEING THE BACHELOR! FOR THE LOVE OF GOD!!!!! No one would be "lining up" to date you after this fiasco.

Ian and Nick's ties. Ian's was grazing the floor and Nick's had a random pink line running through it. 

Nick's convo on the bench after Ian left was pretty endearing ... until he put his arm up and showed he was wearing like, seven bracelets at once. Ummmmmmm?

The guys standing on a bridge screaming "HELLO DUBLIN!" Cringetastic.

Cupcake saying Kaitlyn was a "pot of gold"

Kaitlyn's scared of birds ... again

Not sure if it's sacrilegious to be making out in a cathedral ... or wearing a plaid sport jacket while doing so.

The captions were awkward to even read when they were in the hotel DOING IT. And the heavy breathing/moaning! If you felt awkward watching it on TV, imagine how the camera guy/sound guy felt. (Good for you though, Kaitlyn and Nick!)

The whole coffin thing. Just a tad weird and creepy. But props to Kaitlyn for having a sense of humor about it.

Shawn wigging out to the producer and saying she told him he was "the one" and he can't take this any longer. Okay, we get it. It sucks to see her with other people. Jared got the rose, but let's not cry into our F'ing Guinness, mkay? 

F Yeahs

It was borderline questionable, but we still kinda liked Kaitlyn's slit back sweater in Dublin. And the random Irish dancing in the street. No one did that when we were there! Especially loved the crowds "wtf" faces watching Nick.

Nick pulling an Arie in a Dublin alley! SWOON ALERT. Nick, you've been doing your homework, and we salute you. 

The birds and the bees they showed after they had sex. LOL.

The walk of shame footage.

Oh Nick. Why'd you have to tell the guys you went back to her suite!? JK we're glad you did - drama! 

When Kaitlyn and Jared went up to the altar, we were totally expecting them to say "AND THEN (name of band you never F'ing heard of in your life) were there!!" But it was actually The Cranberries and our mouths dropped open because this is probably the first time in Bachelor history that has ever happened. On a sidenote, go Jared. I feel like he grows on us each week.

As usual, the episode ended on an annoying cliffhanger so we're anticipating more Shawn drama next week. Until then...

Monday, June 22, 2015

Momma Mondays: You're So Vain

Pregnancy and motherhood are beautiful. Until you have to deal with the not so beautiful things. Then you are F'ing pissed. Here are a few things we went through before, during and after pregnancy that we thought you should know about. Hopefully they don't happen to you, but be prepared that they might. Don't let that deter you because you really do (*cliche alert*) get the best gift at the end of it all.
  • Acne: You thought that went away in middle school, right? Nope. It likes to rear its ugly (black) head as early as you pee on that stick. This was a problem for both of us, but Kristin's acne was so bad in the first trimester it looked like the worst before picture in a Proactiv ad. Like she actually avoided social situations and would cry looking in the mirror bad. Belli products helped both of us, including the face wash and spot treatment. So much so that Lori just bought their spot treatment last week, even though she's not with child. There are so many unsafe ingredients in regular skincare that you need to completely reevaluate your catalog of products once you find out you're pregnant.
  • Constipation: Gross, but true. Take some stool softeners and consider it practice for labor and delivery.
  • Ravenous hunger: From the moment you find out you're pregnant, you're probably going to feel more starving than normal. Both of us would wake up in the middle of the night like we could clear out a buffet or actually feel hungry while we were still eating. Which is ironic considering you can't eat half the foods you would eat normally and you probably have new found food aversions or are puking all the time. 
  • Hair loss: If you Google this, there is some sort of explanation saying how your hair cycle stops when you're pregnant. For Lori, this was probably the scariest pregnancy side effect. About 8 months after her son was born, hair fell out in clumps and then when it started to grow back in, it looked like she got electrocuted around her hairline. The good part about hair? It grows back. 
  • Dark line on your belly: This is called a linea nigra (Latin to English translation: black line) and it's exactly that. A vertical dark line that goes from your belly button down your stomach. It goes away eventually, but it's really weird. Unless you plan on going strutting around in a bikini, it's really not a big deal though. 
  • Feet changing size: This didn't happen to Kristin (thankfully, because she bought a pair of really F'ing expensive boots the week before she gave birth) but your feet can actually permanently grow a half size or more because of pregnancy. Lori used to be a size 7 or 7.5, but now is more like a 8 or 8.5 in shoes. 
Did you have any weird body changes during pregnancy? 
Friday, June 19, 2015

Friday's Fab Finds

It's been a weird week for both of us to say the least, between family drama, rashes (more on that below) traveling and dealing with crazy rude people at doctor's offices. We're ready for the weekend, so TGIF-it!

Lori's picks:

Ring rash relief (hopefully)
Both Kristin and I recently developed a rash where we wear our rings and it's F-ing painful and annoying. I also met someone else who had the exact same rash. I googled 'wedding ring rash' and found it's pretty common and also a way to clean your rings. I never take my rings off so I can't imagine how much crap is stuck in there. I also wash my hands 95 times a day so that probably doesn't help with bacteria, germs, etc. From what I read, once it's cleaned really well, the rash should go away. Kristin had hers professionally cleaned and also brushed a coat of clear nail polish on the inside of it to help put a barrier between her skin and the metal and so far so good. I will report back next week to see if this was a true fab find. Instructions I followed can be found here.

Disgusting, but this is a picture of my rings while soaking. I read the hydrogen peroxide really helps get out all the dirt and grime stuck in the rings.

Boden Towelling Throw-on

I bought this hoodie last year during the winter in hopes to use it during the summer. I got it on sale plus a coupon they sent me so all told I spent about $4 on it. This is great to throw on after the pool/sprinkler or on a cool summer night. It's towel material so you don't have to worry about your kids tripping on a towel if they don't really sit still. They also make a bunch of other styles in towelling material for women. Be sure to sign up for email updates and get on their mailing list because they are constantly sending out coupon codes that you can pair with sale items. They are also on ebates.com so if you're not a member, sign up here and start earning money for shopping.

Kristin's picks:

The Only Way is Essex Season 15
I would say this is a guilty pleasure of mine but it's not, mostly because I hate the term guilty pleasure. Why feel guilty about enjoying something you like? ANYWAY, I highly enjoy this show, it's definitely been one of my favorites (or favourites) for a few years and the new season just started Sunday. If you're American, you probably haven't heard of it, but it's a reality show about people who live in Essex, England (a county just outside of London). You might have heard of Made in Chelsea, which actually aired for a bit in America, so picture that, except less posh, a LOT more spray tan and (in my opinion) a lot more entertaining. Probably due to the extreme amount of dramatic screaming matches and drinks being thrown in faces. Do yourself a favour - haha - and head over to Hulu and watch the first 13 seasons of TOWIE free. You're welcome!

Good old Gemma having a row with everyone at a fancy dress party. Typical.

Wholly Guacamole minis
If you've ever bought Wholly Guacamole guacamole at a store and thought "how the F am I going to eat all of this in one sitting before it goes bad?" then you're in luck. I found these individual serving cups of guac at Costco and now they're in regular rotation at our house. We've bought the two-packs of Wholly Guacamole at Costco before, but they're huge, so unless you're having people over or have six kids or something, there's no way an average family can get through a tub without throwing away half of it (you can't store leftovers, it has to be consumed immediately). These minis are perfect for a healthy snack - my kid will dip pretty much anything into it - or to spread on a burger, chicken, etc.

Have a great weekend, everyone!!
Wednesday, June 17, 2015

The Bachelorette Season 11 Recap: Week 5

We think Ali Fedotowsky might be right that this is the worst group of Bachelors ever. With a few exceptions, obviously. But other than Nick, Ben H. and Shawn, we just don't see any of them as a potential love interest. And to be honest, we still didn't even know half of their names at the beginning of the episode this week.

That's okay, because we're all about our top 3 (see above). She's totally going to have sex with someone next week!!!!! PLEASE HAVE SEX WITH NICK NEXT WEEK!

We digress. On to this week's thoughts!

What the F's

The awkward confrontation/seating arrangement in the hotel room when Nick comes to live with all the guys. Because they just all happened to be crowded onto a singular couch when there was a giant EMPTY one across from them.

“I’m not even going to say his name. He’s just the other guy.” A bit immature, no?
They all looked freezing at the rose ceremony. Our poor Nick was literally shaking. Even Chris Harrison was like F this and came out at the last possible second. Whose F’ing idea was it to have an outdoor rose ceremony in winter?

Kaitlyn's black and white skirt on her dinner date with Ben H. Also, the rug under the table is totally the rug Kristin has in her living room…from Target.

Were those Discmans the guys were listening to on the mariachi date? Is this 1991?

Why is there always some sort of performance on a Bachelor(ette) group date? 

The mariachi date outfits.

The haircut massacre of 2015. And on that note, Josh being so obsessed with Nick. Get over it. And no one can take you seriously with a butchered haircut anyway.

Ian's not-so-humble, never-ending rant about how great he is. And his not-so-subtle self nomination to be the next Bachelor. Dude - if you were so great you wouldn't be here to begin with. "I’m an enigma and what you unwrap is a gift for life.” What the F?

Kaitlyn beating the "I'm all about honesty" horse dead. Who likes dishonesty? Please stop.


The cute old people dancing on Kaitlyn and Ben H.'s date. Of course they had to talk about how the two step was like a relationship. Bachelor™

Kaitlyn's cowboy boots and whole dancing ensemble.

Ben H. Is it possible for a happily married woman to fall in love with a dude on TV?

“Do I love wearing this outfit? YES!” We love you, Nick. And also how he worked the word 'erection' into a mariachi song. If anyone could do it, it's him. 

Kaitlyn telling Josh he was a liar in front of the group. You go! Plus giving Nick the group date rose was a total FU to Josh. She means business, dudes. 

Shawn sticking up for Josh. (swoon) *Editor's note* That was Lori, because Kristin is not all about Josh nor people who bash her beloved Nick! LOL

Shawn's sob story and love confession. Luckily he was wearing his seatbelt so we can all appreciate his Goslingness.

Hold on to your mariachi hats, friends. It's about to get real DRAMATIC (drink!) next week ... and we can't wait! Until then...

Friday, June 12, 2015

Friday's Fab Finds

It's Friday again...and in extreme contrast to last week, it's hot as F outside. We apologize for complaining! Better get around to this weeks' faves, before we melt ...

Lori's picks:

Birds Eye Voila Garlic Chicken 
I picked up a monster bag of this at Costco and haven't looked back. A premade meal that I can heat up in a skillet in less than 20 minutes that isn't completely terrible for you? Sign me up. It has protein, a starch, and veggies all in one bag. And I don't need to cook pasta and drain it. F-ing sold. Give it a shot or save it for a night when you really want to order takeout.

Safari Hat
Since the weather has been so nice out, I've been bringing my son out as often as possible. Sunscreen is a struggle but I manage to get some on him but I wanted something to shade his eyes and face from the sun. A few months ago when I was at Costco, I found this hat and it's been a godsend in the hot (almost) summer sun. It has UPF 50+ and is super light and dries quickly. He actually likes it and keeps it on (for the most part). It was less than $10 and you can adjust the size so as long as it doesn't get lost this summer, I will definitely be able to use it for the next few years. They make adult ones as well.

Kristin's picks

Olly Women's Multivitamin
Okay, I'm not going to lie. I was drawn to the pretty packaging and bright colors (plus ooh! gummies!) of these vitamins when I was at Target the other day. Olly is a new brand of vitamins sold exclusively at Target, created by one of the co-founders of Method, which totally makes sense when you look at the branding. And I do love my Method products. I'm really bad at eating a balanced diet, not to mention super picky, so a vitamin is definitely a requirement as per my doctor. The problem is, I have a huge F'ing bottle of vitamins I got at Costco, and I never take them because A) they're giant horse pills that are hard to swallow and B) if you don't take them with a big meal, you feel sick afterward. So the bottle just sits there and it's a huge waste. I bought these and have taken them every day because they taste like candy! Yes, I realize there's some extra sugar, but if that's what it takes to get me to stick to an vitamin regimen, so be it. At least they're made with natural colors and flavors, unlike other gummies I've seen on the market.

Burt's Bees Renewal Firming Day Lotion SPF 30
On the topic of natural ... I've mentioned before I'm all about using natural beauty products. Finding a daily moisturizer that's affordable, made from non-scary ingredients and includes a high SPF is tougher than you'd think, so I was excited when I spotted this one a few months ago. I've been using this lotion every day and it doesn't make me break out (a miracle) and I do think I've seen some improvement with fine lines and whatnot. I also love that it's under 20 bucks, and even cheaper if you use a 20% off Bed Bath and Beyond coupon. Target also has Cartwheel deals for Burt's Bees from time to time, like right now there's a 5% off coupon through July 4.  If you don't have the Cartwheel app, download it ASAP!

Trader Joe's Butternut Squash Risotto
I went to Gordon Ramsay's new restaurant in Atlantic City a few weeks ago and had the most ridiculous butternut squash risotto, so when I saw this at Trader Joe's I thought it couldn't hurt to try. Well, I wouldn't call it Ramsay quality but it was pretty F'ing good. Before I could think to take a picture this stuff was gone (and they don't have one online, sorry). Even my "I eat two bites of dinner if you're lucky" toddler ate it. Do yourself a favor and buy a bag of this ASAP. It takes 8 minutes to make and you cook it from frozen. F yeah!

Have a great weekend, F'ers! 

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

The Bachelorette Season 11 Recap: Week 4

The week we've been waiting for!!! Nick showed up and it was mostly everything we dreamed it would be. Hoodies under denim jackets! Making out! Pissed off guys!

Disclaimer: We watched this week's episode today with both kids destroying the living room/screeching/crushing chips on the floor so excuse anything we missed.

What the F's

We were kind of wondering if JJ and Clint were going to make out...but then Clint told JJ his tie looked great with his shirt (?), spouted off some expletives and took off. And then JJ pulled a half Mesnick crying in the garden and slapped himself across the face. STOP. IS THIS REAL?

Ryan B's hair??? Then again, half of the guy's hair .... how much product are they carrying in their suitcases?

Why so many vests? The vest is this season's man scarf.

That whole dramatic snowy NYC scene while Kaitlyn and Nick were on the phone made us totally think she was dumping Nick. Way to fool us, ABC.

The one guy looks like Johnny Knoxville combined with Ryan Seacrest. We'd say who, but we don't know his name.

Another ABC/Disney plug with the Aladdin musical...didn't we do this on Ali's season with the Lion King on Broadway? And the guy who plays Aladdin looks exactly like Dean Cain! (See below. We love Dean Cain.)

F Yeahs

Shawn's face during Doug E. Fresh rapping - he couldn't have looked more uncomfortable, but it was hilarious. Then the Ryan Gosling and Matt Damon feud, LOL. The Notebook joke was pretty amazing too.

Nicknicknicknicknicknicknicknick. This show just got a thousand times more interesting and ... DRAMATIC (drink!) We're going to make an early call and say he gets the final rose. That girl is straight up giddy over him. 

We're in agreement Jared should be an underwear model. He has the chiseled jaw thing going on. "Sitting here talking to Jared, what's going through my mind is... HE WENT TO JARED." - Lori (Sorry, we crack ourselves up)

Joe dancing on Broadway, bahhahaha. And those stage lifts! Can we ride in one? Can someone hook this up for us? 

Until next week, when we'll be eagerly awaiting more Nick drama...
Friday, June 5, 2015

Friday's Fab Finds

Well, it's finally June, but we're wondering where summer went. It's been in the 50s and 60s all week and raining, and Kristin felt like her dream of moving to England had come true ... minus the whole living in England bit. We took the kids to Sesame Place (more on that next week) and had to wear sweatshirts and jackets, it was slightly ridic.

Anyway, we're trying to brighten our spirits with some fun things we've been enjoying over the past week. Think sunny thoughts!

Lori's picks:

Essie gel.setter 
While I was browsing this week's Target weekly ad, this top coat caught my eye. I had it on my list but my Target was out of it. I'm excited to try it but if you have it and have tried it please let us know what you think! If not, once I get my hands on it I'll review it asap!

Unreal on Lifetime
For anyone who's a fan of reality shows, drama, or mindless entertainment, Unreal is right up your alley. Unreal is a fictional, behind-the-scenes show about a Bacheloresque-type show called "Everlasting" and the lengths the producers will go through to make "reality" happen. There are some familiar faces (i.e. Jazz guy from Sex and the City), interesting backstory, and an insider look at what I would imagine is not far off from the truth of producing a reality show.

Hell or High Watermelon
The unofficial beginning of summer used to be the end of school or an inaugural dip in the pool, but since the inception of 21st Amendment's Hell or High Watermelon, summer means the first sip of this magical brew. Nothing puts me more in the spirit of the season than a flavored beer (Hello Fall and Pumpkin beer!)

Kristin's picks:

17 Minutes of Benedict Cumberbatch Reading Classic Poetry
One of my favorite websites, Anglotopia.net, recently posted this clip of dreamboat extraordinaire Benedict reciting five classic poems, including The Seven Ages of Man, Ode to a Nightingale, Jabberwocky, Divine Comedy and Kubla Khan. Frankly, I'd listen to him reading the ingredients on the back of an F'ing cereal box, but this is a bit more cultured. Good times, my friends. You can listen (and watch) here. As Anglotopia said ... YOU'RE WELCOME. 

Well, since I'm on the topic of listening to things, I signed up for an Audible.com free trial today since I got an email about downloading the Matched trilogy books. I'd read the first two books years ago, but for whatever reason, never got around to the third. One of my friends (shout out to Jamie at The Perpetual Page Turner!) mentioned she listens to audio books a lot on walks, so I thought I'd give it a try. This morning I've been listening to Reached while I work - I'm listening to it right now, actually - and I think this will be a decent way to "read" more since I don't have a lot of spare time to get through many books these days. 

Dr. Scholl's Original Collection 'Rachel' Sandals
After Lori recommended her Dr. Scholl's sandals, I thought I'd give them a whirl since I needed a super comfortable but dressier pair of sandals to wear to a conference this summer, and to several other events I have coming up. When you're on your feet for hours and walking all over creation in a huge conference hotel, the last thing you need is to be trudging around in pumps and getting blisters. I wore these all day yesterday around the house, chasing my kid, to the mall, and out to an author event last night and my feet didn't hurt (and barely did, for that matter) until the end of the day. F-yeah! They're currently on sale at Nordstrom. These are a little bit more funky than styles I'd normally wear (who thought I'd say that about Dr. Scholl's?), so I'm also on the lookout for a more classic/preppy kind of wedge or possibly a dressy flat sandal. If you've got recommendations for other super comfortable shoes, let me know! 

Have a great weekend! 

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

The Bachelorette Season 11 Recap: Week 3

Well, it was another so-so week in Bachelorette land ... is it us, or does half of the stuff that happened seem fake? We realize a lot of things that happen in reality TV are edited a certain way or suggested by producers to some degree, but this is getting kind of cringeworthy. On the other hand, the preview redeemed everything because next week Nick shows up! Game on, F'ers!!!

What the F's


The diapers and the blurring of butts ...  and balls. ABC hasn't had to work this hard since last season when that chick wore the shorty shorts every episode.

Did Kaitlyn really call Ben a "babe soda?"

Pretty much all of the date with Ben.

"I'd rather be in a pit of snakes." Kaitlyn talking about birds. Okay, to be fair, birds flying at your face would be scary but come on now.

And then ... they wound up in a room full of snakes. "HELLLLL NO" - indeed Ben.

Sex ed class. AWKWARRDDDD.

Clint and JJ. So many questions. We're going to go with a mix of planted by producers/realized they don't actually like her that much so they're just going to make friends and drink.

Yet ANOTHER "to be continued."

We're still shocked that one of the bachelors hasn't gone around to ask who actually picked Kaitlyn and sold them out to her.

F Yeahs

Fake Ryan Gosling! Shirtless!

Kaitlyn's WTF face when Tony called the show a "circus."

Ben H: So cute in such a weird situation. It takes a special kind of person to make describing conception to children sound endearing. Plus the rooftop makeout dip!

Kaitlyn's rose ceremony dress. Crystal belt! Love!

JJ's rose ceremony quote gets a high five for originality: "I'm dealing with a bunch of JV croquet players."

NICK!!!!!!!!!!!! We can't wait to see what kind of drama ensues. The guys definitely won't think he's "there for the right reasons" (drink!) and we will be LOVING IT.

Until next week...
Monday, June 1, 2015

Momma Mondays: Staying Sane with a Newborn

Opinions are like assholes. Everyone has one. Especially when it comes to newborns. Well, just like every other asshole out there we have our opinions on tips for life with a newborn. We've been there, done that so if you're a parent to a new baby, hear us out.

  • Go out to eat as much as humanly possible. I don't care if you have to pack a peanut butter and jelly sandwich and sit on a park bench and eat it with your friends, significant other, or alone. Just leave. In the blink of an eye, going out to eat will consist of you running after your kid or having them shove a plate off the table. When they're immobile is the perfect time to get out. Plus people love ogling over fresh out the oven babies. If you don't want to eat, go to a bar. Yes people will judge you but f-it. You were on the sober train for 9 months. Momma deserves a cocktail. 
  • On the note of leaving the house, find a local mom's group. Not only will you find other people in the same boat, but you'll have outings and playgroups to give you an excuse to put on real pants and stop watching daytime TV. Okay, you can probably still get away with yoga pants. But you get the point. Even if you plan to go back to work, being part of a mother's club is a nice way to meet people in your area, especially if you're new to the neighborhood. Most of them hold mom's nights out, too. F-yeah! Meetup.com is a good place to find a local parenting group.
  • Take a ton of pics and videos of your baby. I love Instagramming my pics and videos not only for friends and family to see, but because it's a permanent virtual album. There are also a ton of apps you can print directly from Instagram with if you want hard copies. Babies change so much day to day that when you look back you will be amazed they were (*cliche alert*) really that little. If you'd rather keep things private, just make sure to back up.

  • Scope out potential babysitters now. If you can't imagine ever leaving your precious newborn, you're wrong. You're going to want to leave eventually and when that day comes you don't want to be scrambling to find someone. If you don't have family who you can rope into doing it for free, you can use care.com, chat it up with some other moms in the neighborhood, or nestle yourself in a little conversation with the high school kids at the library.
  • Queue up some series on Netflix, hit your local library for a DVD of a series or find one on YouTube, Amazon Prime or Hulu (Kristin just found all episodes of Passions on YouTube). Chances are you're going to be awake a lot (ain't nobody (*cliche alert*) "sleeps when the baby sleeps") you might as well watch what you want to watch before you're stuck watching Caillou or Sofia the First 24/7. Same goes for books, especially if you've got a Kindle/tablet. 
  • Try to restrain yourself from buying an F load of newborn clothes. Babies grow like a weed during their first year (in our experience it plateaus after a year) and they will only be able to wear newborn, 3 month and 6 month clothes once (if that). They make them cute for a reason so be smarter than their tricky marketing strategies and stay strong. Ask any veteran mom and they'll most likely tell you they have a closet full of clothes their kid grew out of and never even got a chance to wear. 
  • Don't get too wrapped up in what they're "supposed" to do or what other babies are doing. Easier said than done, but as long as your pediatrician is cool with it, and everything's okay, don't kill yourself over whether they sleep/cry/eat/weigh more/less than your friend's newborn did. Every baby is different and comparison is just going to drive you cray cray. 
  • Know when to ask for help! We all want to be supermom but that's just not realistic. The best friends are those who show up after your kid has been screaming for 3 hours straight and take your baby, tell you to wipe the mascara off your face and get in bed (shout out to Kristin's friend Nicole).
  • Trust your gut.