Friday, June 5, 2015

Friday's Fab Finds

Well, it's finally June, but we're wondering where summer went. It's been in the 50s and 60s all week and raining, and Kristin felt like her dream of moving to England had come true ... minus the whole living in England bit. We took the kids to Sesame Place (more on that next week) and had to wear sweatshirts and jackets, it was slightly ridic.

Anyway, we're trying to brighten our spirits with some fun things we've been enjoying over the past week. Think sunny thoughts!

Lori's picks:

Essie gel.setter 
While I was browsing this week's Target weekly ad, this top coat caught my eye. I had it on my list but my Target was out of it. I'm excited to try it but if you have it and have tried it please let us know what you think! If not, once I get my hands on it I'll review it asap!

Unreal on Lifetime
For anyone who's a fan of reality shows, drama, or mindless entertainment, Unreal is right up your alley. Unreal is a fictional, behind-the-scenes show about a Bacheloresque-type show called "Everlasting" and the lengths the producers will go through to make "reality" happen. There are some familiar faces (i.e. Jazz guy from Sex and the City), interesting backstory, and an insider look at what I would imagine is not far off from the truth of producing a reality show.

Hell or High Watermelon
The unofficial beginning of summer used to be the end of school or an inaugural dip in the pool, but since the inception of 21st Amendment's Hell or High Watermelon, summer means the first sip of this magical brew. Nothing puts me more in the spirit of the season than a flavored beer (Hello Fall and Pumpkin beer!)

Kristin's picks:

17 Minutes of Benedict Cumberbatch Reading Classic Poetry
One of my favorite websites,, recently posted this clip of dreamboat extraordinaire Benedict reciting five classic poems, including The Seven Ages of Man, Ode to a Nightingale, Jabberwocky, Divine Comedy and Kubla Khan. Frankly, I'd listen to him reading the ingredients on the back of an F'ing cereal box, but this is a bit more cultured. Good times, my friends. You can listen (and watch) here. As Anglotopia said ... YOU'RE WELCOME.
Well, since I'm on the topic of listening to things, I signed up for an free trial today since I got an email about downloading the Matched trilogy books. I'd read the first two books years ago, but for whatever reason, never got around to the third. One of my friends (shout out to Jamie at The Perpetual Page Turner!) mentioned she listens to audio books a lot on walks, so I thought I'd give it a try. This morning I've been listening to Reached while I work - I'm listening to it right now, actually - and I think this will be a decent way to "read" more since I don't have a lot of spare time to get through many books these days. 

Dr. Scholl's Original Collection 'Rachel' Sandals
After Lori recommended her Dr. Scholl's sandals, I thought I'd give them a whirl since I needed a super comfortable but dressier pair of sandals to wear to a conference this summer, and to several other events I have coming up. When you're on your feet for hours and walking all over creation in a huge conference hotel, the last thing you need is to be trudging around in pumps and getting blisters. I wore these all day yesterday around the house, chasing my kid, to the mall, and out to an author event last night and my feet didn't hurt (and barely did, for that matter) until the end of the day. F-yeah! They're currently on sale at Nordstrom. These are a little bit more funky than styles I'd normally wear (who thought I'd say that about Dr. Scholl's?), so I'm also on the lookout for a more classic/preppy kind of wedge or possibly a dressy flat sandal. If you've got recommendations for other super comfortable shoes, let me know! 

Have a great weekend! 


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