Tuesday, June 2, 2015

The Bachelorette Season 11 Recap: Week 3

Well, it was another so-so week in Bachelorette land ... is it us, or does half of the stuff that happened seem fake? We realize a lot of things that happen in reality TV are edited a certain way or suggested by producers to some degree, but this is getting kind of cringeworthy. On the other hand, the preview redeemed everything because next week Nick shows up! Game on, F'ers!!!

What the F's


The diapers and the blurring of butts ...  and balls. ABC hasn't had to work this hard since last season when that chick wore the shorty shorts every episode.

Did Kaitlyn really call Ben a "babe soda?"

Pretty much all of the date with Ben.

"I'd rather be in a pit of snakes." Kaitlyn talking about birds. Okay, to be fair, birds flying at your face would be scary but come on now.

And then ... they wound up in a room full of snakes. "HELLLLL NO" - indeed Ben.

Sex ed class. AWKWARRDDDD.

Clint and JJ. So many questions. We're going to go with a mix of planted by producers/realized they don't actually like her that much so they're just going to make friends and drink.

Yet ANOTHER "to be continued."

We're still shocked that one of the bachelors hasn't gone around to ask who actually picked Kaitlyn and sold them out to her.

F Yeahs

Fake Ryan Gosling! Shirtless!

Kaitlyn's WTF face when Tony called the show a "circus."

Ben H: So cute in such a weird situation. It takes a special kind of person to make describing conception to children sound endearing. Plus the rooftop makeout dip!

Kaitlyn's rose ceremony dress. Crystal belt! Love!

JJ's rose ceremony quote gets a high five for originality: "I'm dealing with a bunch of JV croquet players."

NICK!!!!!!!!!!!! We can't wait to see what kind of drama ensues. The guys definitely won't think he's "there for the right reasons" (drink!) and we will be LOVING IT.

Until next week...


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