Tuesday, June 9, 2015

The Bachelorette Season 11 Recap: Week 4

The week we've been waiting for!!! Nick showed up and it was mostly everything we dreamed it would be. Hoodies under denim jackets! Making out! Pissed off guys!

Disclaimer: We watched this week's episode today with both kids destroying the living room/screeching/crushing chips on the floor so excuse anything we missed.

What the F's

We were kind of wondering if JJ and Clint were going to make out...but then Clint told JJ his tie looked great with his shirt (?), spouted off some expletives and took off. And then JJ pulled a half Mesnick crying in the garden and slapped himself across the face. STOP. IS THIS REAL?

Ryan B's hair??? Then again, half of the guy's hair .... how much product are they carrying in their suitcases?

Why so many vests? The vest is this season's man scarf.

That whole dramatic snowy NYC scene while Kaitlyn and Nick were on the phone made us totally think she was dumping Nick. Way to fool us, ABC.

The one guy looks like Johnny Knoxville combined with Ryan Seacrest. We'd say who, but we don't know his name.

Another ABC/Disney plug with the Aladdin musical...didn't we do this on Ali's season with the Lion King on Broadway? And the guy who plays Aladdin looks exactly like Dean Cain! (See below. We love Dean Cain.)

F Yeahs

Shawn's face during Doug E. Fresh rapping - he couldn't have looked more uncomfortable, but it was hilarious. Then the Ryan Gosling and Matt Damon feud, LOL. The Notebook joke was pretty amazing too.

Nicknicknicknicknicknicknicknick. This show just got a thousand times more interesting and ... DRAMATIC (drink!) We're going to make an early call and say he gets the final rose. That girl is straight up giddy over him. 

We're in agreement Jared should be an underwear model. He has the chiseled jaw thing going on. "Sitting here talking to Jared, what's going through my mind is... HE WENT TO JARED." - Lori (Sorry, we crack ourselves up)

Joe dancing on Broadway, bahhahaha. And those stage lifts! Can we ride in one? Can someone hook this up for us? 

Until next week, when we'll be eagerly awaiting more Nick drama...


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