Wednesday, June 17, 2015

The Bachelorette Season 11 Recap: Week 5

We think Ali Fedotowsky might be right that this is the worst group of Bachelors ever. With a few exceptions, obviously. But other than Nick, Ben H. and Shawn, we just don't see any of them as a potential love interest. And to be honest, we still didn't even know half of their names at the beginning of the episode this week.

That's okay, because we're all about our top 3 (see above). She's totally going to have sex with someone next week!!!!! PLEASE HAVE SEX WITH NICK NEXT WEEK!

We digress. On to this week's thoughts!

What the F's

The awkward confrontation/seating arrangement in the hotel room when Nick comes to live with all the guys. Because they just all happened to be crowded onto a singular couch when there was a giant EMPTY one across from them.

“I’m not even going to say his name. He’s just the other guy.” A bit immature, no?
They all looked freezing at the rose ceremony. Our poor Nick was literally shaking. Even Chris Harrison was like F this and came out at the last possible second. Whose F’ing idea was it to have an outdoor rose ceremony in winter?

Kaitlyn's black and white skirt on her dinner date with Ben H. Also, the rug under the table is totally the rug Kristin has in her living room…from Target.

Were those Discmans the guys were listening to on the mariachi date? Is this 1991?

Why is there always some sort of performance on a Bachelor(ette) group date? 

The mariachi date outfits.

The haircut massacre of 2015. And on that note, Josh being so obsessed with Nick. Get over it. And no one can take you seriously with a butchered haircut anyway.

Ian's not-so-humble, never-ending rant about how great he is. And his not-so-subtle self nomination to be the next Bachelor. Dude - if you were so great you wouldn't be here to begin with. "I’m an enigma and what you unwrap is a gift for life.” What the F?

Kaitlyn beating the "I'm all about honesty" horse dead. Who likes dishonesty? Please stop.


The cute old people dancing on Kaitlyn and Ben H.'s date. Of course they had to talk about how the two step was like a relationship. Bachelor™

Kaitlyn's cowboy boots and whole dancing ensemble.

Ben H. Is it possible for a happily married woman to fall in love with a dude on TV?

“Do I love wearing this outfit? YES!” We love you, Nick. And also how he worked the word 'erection' into a mariachi song. If anyone could do it, it's him. 

Kaitlyn telling Josh he was a liar in front of the group. You go! Plus giving Nick the group date rose was a total FU to Josh. She means business, dudes. 

Shawn sticking up for Josh. (swoon) *Editor's note* That was Lori, because Kristin is not all about Josh nor people who bash her beloved Nick! LOL

Shawn's sob story and love confession. Luckily he was wearing his seatbelt so we can all appreciate his Goslingness.

Hold on to your mariachi hats, friends. It's about to get real DRAMATIC (drink!) next week ... and we can't wait! Until then...


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