Tuesday, June 23, 2015

The Bachelorette Season 11 Recap: Week 6

We'd like to start off this recap with a tweet by women's fiction author extraordinaire (who also live tweets The Bachelor/ette every week), Jennifer Weiner:

This shouldn't even need to be said, but: when a 30-year-old woman sleeps with a guy she's dating, no need to freak out.

Amen, sister.

What the F's

We started the show off with Ian being a douche, as continued from last week. "I'm not lame like the other guys." "I'm being punished for being an intellectual." Riiiiight. And PLEASE STOP TALKING ABOUT BEING THE BACHELOR! FOR THE LOVE OF GOD!!!!! No one would be "lining up" to date you after this fiasco.

Ian and Nick's ties. Ian's was grazing the floor and Nick's had a random pink line running through it. 

Nick's convo on the bench after Ian left was pretty endearing ... until he put his arm up and showed he was wearing like, seven bracelets at once. Ummmmmmm?

The guys standing on a bridge screaming "HELLO DUBLIN!" Cringetastic.

Cupcake saying Kaitlyn was a "pot of gold"

Kaitlyn's scared of birds ... again

Not sure if it's sacrilegious to be making out in a cathedral ... or wearing a plaid sport jacket while doing so.

The captions were awkward to even read when they were in the hotel DOING IT. And the heavy breathing/moaning! If you felt awkward watching it on TV, imagine how the camera guy/sound guy felt. (Good for you though, Kaitlyn and Nick!)

The whole coffin thing. Just a tad weird and creepy. But props to Kaitlyn for having a sense of humor about it.

Shawn wigging out to the producer and saying she told him he was "the one" and he can't take this any longer. Okay, we get it. It sucks to see her with other people. Jared got the rose, but let's not cry into our F'ing Guinness, mkay? 

F Yeahs

It was borderline questionable, but we still kinda liked Kaitlyn's slit back sweater in Dublin. And the random Irish dancing in the street. No one did that when we were there! Especially loved the crowds "wtf" faces watching Nick.

Nick pulling an Arie in a Dublin alley! SWOON ALERT. Nick, you've been doing your homework, and we salute you. 

The birds and the bees they showed after they had sex. LOL.

The walk of shame footage.

Oh Nick. Why'd you have to tell the guys you went back to her suite!? JK we're glad you did - drama! 

When Kaitlyn and Jared went up to the altar, we were totally expecting them to say "AND THEN (name of band you never F'ing heard of in your life) were there!!" But it was actually The Cranberries and our mouths dropped open because this is probably the first time in Bachelor history that has ever happened. On a sidenote, go Jared. I feel like he grows on us each week.

As usual, the episode ended on an annoying cliffhanger so we're anticipating more Shawn drama next week. Until then...


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