Tuesday, June 30, 2015

The Bachelorette Season 11 Recap: Week 7

Not sure how we feel about this being the season with no rules. No hometowns? Down to 3 guys already? Whatever works, but this new format is still annoying. The rose ceremony wasn't even until half way through the episode. This week there were a lot more "what the F's" than "F Yeahs," that's for sure!

What the F's

Gosling is having a "very hard time" with Kaitlyn talking to other guys, as he told us 149756597 times. He can't eat, sleep, etc. Does he realize this is a show called The Bachelorette where the whole point is to date 10 guys at once? Just sayin.

The two-on-one date, aka "two guys you know you aren't picking" date. So awkward (although nothing could be as awkward as Ashley and Kelsey in the desert). Plus, you know both guys realize they aren't going to be the final one.

JJ cheated on his wife?! Kaitlyn's WHAT THE F face, and then him being like "oh yeah I feel like I'm getting the rose" was just cringe city.

Gosling's bright blue suit. No words.

Oh no, now Ben H is getting Gosling syndrome! Nooooooo!

"I didn't say it was intimate" - Nick. Uhhhh...actually you did.

She just seemed really not into Nick during their whole convo which is weird, because she's always been SO into him. No eye contact, just being very distant. Was it regret over having sex? Or just being upset in general? This threw us off and was confusing.

She gave Cupcake a rose over Ben Z?

Oh, Cupcake. Bless your heart pulling a full Mesnick over the cliff (or as full of a Mesnick as one can pull over a cliff). That wasn't just crying, that was UGLY crying. Quite possibly the worst breakdown we've seen on this show, and that's saying a lot.

F Yeah's

Kaitlyn basically telling Shawn to stop being a pussy and buck up and deal with it because now she's questioning him after the SECOND time he went to her hotel room. YOU GO KAITLYN.

Loved Kaitlyn's rose ceremony dress!

Kristin could totally relate to Kaitlyn spazzing on the road trip because there's NO way she could drive on the wrong side.

Love the Cliffs of Moher! See below, circa October 2000:

Because buying a men's anorak seemed like a great idea. #Y2Kstyle

Also enjoying the ring Kaitlyn was wearing while bawling at the cliffs.

Next week's episode looks super dramatic (drink!) and full of "what the F" moments. Can't wait!


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