Thursday, July 2, 2015

Friday's Fab Finds

Happy 4th of July Weekend, F-er's! We're ready to have some fun in the sun (hopefully) and celebrate with friends and family. As always, we're sharing what we're into this week!

Lori's picks:

Odd Mom Out
One of my friends posted about this show on Facebook and during naptime this week I've been catching up. It's mindless entertainment that is relatable in an outlandish way. It's only half an hour so you can get through an episode in the blink of an eye. It's about a mom who is, well, the odd mom out. It's set in New York City so you can imagine the characters. I love the main character, Jill. She keeps it real and is my spirit animal. She has underwear dance parties and tattoos and is basically as real as they come. It's on Bravo on Monday nights and guaranteed to make you chuckle. Oh and Rose from Don't Tell Mom the Babysitter's Dead is in it. So get right on top of it, Rose! And watch.

Vera Bradley Ditty Bag
During a mini shopping spree at the Vera Bradley outlet store last year with my birthday discount in my hot little hands, one of the people working there convinced me I needed this little bag. Well, she was right. I did and I didn't even know it at the time. This is great for wet bathing suits, diapers (cloth or disposable) when you're out, or even a makeshift cooler (throw ice in and a few cans of beer juice and boom - instant cooler). The possibilities are actually endless. It's lined with plastic and has a drawstring top so it keeps moisture inside and doesn't get everything else wet. One of its greatest selling points is that it's machine washable so if you have a poopy diaper or it starts getting stinky, just throw it in the washer. If you're not on their mailing list, try contacting them here to see if you can be added. They send out birthday discounts via snail mail every year. This year it was 25% off your entire purchase either in stores, online, or at an outlet store. To get the most bang for your buck use your birthday discount at an outlet store. They have a ton of great things that you don't even know you need. If you don't have an outlet store near you, go to and shop through there. They are currently offering 3.0% cash back. If you don't have an ebates account, sign up here. The ditty bags are currently 50% off ($14) so if your birthday isn't coming up anytime soon and you *need* this bag, it makes it a little easier to handle. Let us know if you have one and if you don't and get one, let us know your best use for the ditty bag!

Trader Joe's Spa Face Wash with Tea Tree Oil
Ever since I was pregnant I've used facial products with tea tree oil to keep blemishes at bay. For some reason tea tree oil works well with my skin and really helps with breakouts. I've been using this Trader Joe's Face Wash for a few months and it makes my skin squeaky clean and really helps keep my skin clear. I use it in the shower and when you pump it out it kind of splatters everywhere because it's the consistency of water, so watch your eyes. It foams well when you rub it in between your hands and when you rinse it off, your face will feel really clean. If you have a loved one with an allergy be sure to check the ingredients in this. There's coconut oil in it which could be potentially dangerous for someone with allergies. I forget exactly how much this was and threw out my receipt, but I think it was around $5. Don't hold me to the $5, but it definitely isn't over $10. It lasts for at least a month and I over pump so if you use it a few times a day and use 1 pump, it could potentially last a few months.

Kristin's picks:

First of all I want to update you on last week's post about Crest 3D White toothpaste. It really does work! I would show you a before and after but the closeups of my teeth are kind of creepy - you're going to have to trust me on this one. Ha. Seriously though, I saw a noticeable difference just from brushing twice a day with this toothpaste since last Thursday.

Reebok Skyscape Sneakers
I'm not a sneaker person by any means, but when I'm doing some major walking or just want a more casual look I'll break them out from time to time. I originally saw the ad with Miranda Kerr wearing these last year and thought they looked super cute (who doesn't love hot pink) and since I was going to Disney last spring I got a pair. They're made from a super flexible foam type material that feels like nothing is on your feet, it's hard to explain but they're the weirdest material. And you can machine wash them! For whatever reason I only wore them once or twice since Disney but we went to Washington, D.C. last weekend so I broke them out again. I have to say my feet never hurt until the end of the day when the right shoe started rub against my baby toe a little bit. I think that's more the way my foot is shaped than anything else since the left one held up fine, and I also wasn't wearing socks with them. Since I got these over a year ago they've slightly changed the style and I don't think Reebok offers the hot pink now :( But I would definitely recommend for a super comfortable shoe! 

Polar Strawberry Watermelon Seltzer
Lori and I are both big fans of Polar, and she got me hooked on it about 2 years ago. We replaced soda in our house with this a while ago and I've never missed having it - in fact I think soda tastes so sugary and gross, I can't believe I used to drink it all the time. The strawberry watermelon is one of the summer 2015 special flavors, and I was somewhat skeptical about how it would taste, but I definitely liked it. It does kind of taste like what you'd expect a Bath and Body Works lotion or shower gel to taste, as weird as that sounds. That might not seem like the most raving endorsement, but it was still good!

If you're looking for a new beach read, don't forget we've got a giveaway for a copy of The Santangelos by Jackie Collins. You can enter here through July 7. 

Have a safe holiday weekend! 


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