Monday, July 20, 2015

The Bachelorette Season 11 Recap: Men Tell All

Maybe it's just editing and we didn't see a lot of things (other than JJ and Clint - ha) but for some reason more so this season than others it seems like the guys aren't all BFFs. Either way it was a pretty entertaining Men Tell All and we're psyched for the finale ... and Bachelor in Paradise!

What the F's

Ian getting on one knee... "Are you proposing right now?" And then apologizing to his mother? He did seem actually sincere, which was possibly even weirder.

Clint's beard...

JJ's air quotes. And talking about being "intellectually curious" in the hot tub with Clint. Is that code for something?

Why did they have to remind us about Jared's cringe "Love Man" intro? I'd almost forgotten about that since I totally love Jared now! Sidenote: when Jared does get engaged, do you think he'll go to Jared?

Reading the mean tweets was quite possibly overkill. We feel so bad for Kaitlyn and it's not like she hasn't heard this stuff before. What the F, people!

F Yeahs

Ben H definitely got the biggest cheers from the audience. Obvi! And his insight about the "off camera" time was interesting. We want more Ben! #TeamBenforBachelor

The Bachelor in Paradise preview was pretty much the best thing ever. And it's on two times a week!!!! Sunday and Monday. Can we get a big old F YEAH?

Can't believe we're saying this but we 100% agree with Clint's thoughts on the Nick situation.

All of the guy's faces (and Chris Harrison's) when JJ slapped himself. DYING.

Jared's clean shaven look - thank you Chris Harrison for the suggestion!

During the bloopers when Joe ran off to pee, LOL.

Well, next week is the finale "you won't believe" - are you team Shawn or team Nick? And then the following week is Bachelor in Paradise! F yeah!


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