Tuesday, July 7, 2015

The Bachelorette Season 11 Recap: Week 8

There wasn't a lot to "F yeah" about this week, other than Ireland being all lovely and charming, as it should be. Shawn, aka Gosling, was just really annoying the entire episode, and if he calls Nick "the other guy" one more time we might throw something at the TV. He's been there for weeks, get over it!

Anyway, the rest of the fantasy suites are up next week. Honestly, kind of looking forward to Bachelor in Paradise to start on August 2 and getting this season over with. Especially if she picks Shawn. #TeamNick4eva

What the F's

Gosling's hair.

Kaitlyn's face when Joe told her he loved her. SO AWKWARD. Then her breaking up with him and him being like "great. cool." Quite possibly one of the most cringe breakups to watch in Bachelor/ette history.

Bummed to say goodbye to Jared :(

If Shawn really did brag about sleeping with some girl a country singer did - gross.

Suggestion from our friend Amy: They need a new name for the fantasy suite. I definitely agree with this one, especially when it's in a jail cell. Ha ha ha, Kaitlyn. I also think they need to do away with the ridiculous key. What kind of hotel uses real keys these days?

Nick's hand up Kaitlyn's extremely short dress on the bed wasn't something we all needed to see. Just sayin' ...

Shawn's fake call to the "front desk." Yeah, like they would really give out Nick's room number to some random!

F Yeahs

Loving Ben on the island date. He won't be one of the final two, but he's awesome. The island ruins weren't half bad either.

The town of Cork looks so cute! Especially the colorful houses. And the local guys were hilarious, and full of CRAIC!

You Go Kaitlyn for giving Gosling a smackdown (yet again). "I'm here to explore other relationships." Because you know, we're on a show called The Bachelorette.

Have to agree with Nick about Irish "bacon." It's ham!! That is NOT bacon, people. Their cozy morning after breakfast seemed really nice and natural, too.

Until next week....xoxo


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