Tuesday, July 14, 2015

The Bachelorette Season 11 Recap: Week 9

What the F's

Did all the guys get together and buy out an Irish sweater factory? We love Ben's sweater, tho!

Kaitlyn said she "thinks she's falling in love" with Ben. Pfft, we fell in love with him 3 episodes ago!

We're confused about how Kaitlyn's hair always is kind of half pulled back but only on one side. How does one achieve this? Are there bobby pins back there? Inquiring minds want to know.

Kudos to the Bachelorette stylist for their excellent use of fashion tape because we were cringing and waiting for a nip slip with that red dress. Props to K for pulling that one off!

Pretty much the most awkward five minutes of TV ever when Nick and Shawn stood there silently after the rose ceremony.

Nothing against Utah .... but Utah? What happened to the exotic locations every episode? And Ireland was great but they were there for like three weeks straight...starting to wonder if the budget is hurting.

"She's great at making out." TMI for your mom, perhaps?

We're going to be pissed if she doesn't pick Nick and he, and his poor little sister and mom and 300 other siblings cried again!

The shirt K wore when Shawn first walked in looked pretty much exactly like the shirt Nick was wearing. Coincidence?

F Yeah's

For the love of God, can Ben be the next Bachelor????? Please!?? HE EVEN WORE HIS SEATBELT IN THE REJECTION LIMO. Ben is perfect. Also Lori realized that he kind of looks like DJ Tanner's boyfriend, Steve.

We kind of like Kaitlyn's golf pants. We don't have any desire to golfing but might do it for the outfits...

Good job, ABC intern with the black box. We wouldn't have complained if it slipped a little though. Just sayin.

The Bachelor in Paradise commercial with the raccoon and Clare. So. F'ing. Funny.

Next week is Men Tell All! Drama!


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