Friday, August 28, 2015

Friday's Fab Finds

We're still in summer mode/book launch mode over here, so excuse the lack of posts lately! With only two weekends left before the unofficial end of summer, we're trying to cram in as much fun as we can before schedules change and preschool starts. Sigh!

Some things we've been loving lately:

Kristin's picks: 

Tee Public Princess Shirt

Mean Girls is one of my favorite movies ever, and who doesn't like to wear pink on Wed? We're headed to Disney World in a few months, and when I saw this shirt I *had* to get it. I definitely know what I'll be wearing that Wednesday!

Covergirl Bombshell Volume Mascara

I'm a fan of Younique mascara, but mine was getting dried out (and honestly, I should have replaced it a couple of months ago). Trying to be thrifty, I picked this up with a 20% off coupon at BBB, so it ended up being around $6. I can't say it works as well as Younique, but it does have a little "bolder" of a look than a normal mascara. I've only used it twice so far, so the verdict is still out, but it's fine for everyday. I'll be re-ordering my Younique for nights out, etc.

Pick Your Own Flowers

I found a farm near us that has pick your own flowers, and I never even know this was an option - then again, I'm not really a farm-going person, either. It was something like $1.75 for 7 flowers, so I grabbed 14. Well, I really intended to actually pick them, but my kid was acting like a maniac and wanted nothing to do with the actual picking part, so we cheated and bought some of the pre-cut stems. Definitely will be going back to try and do it properly again though. Lori recently went to a different farm and got a bunch, too! Check for a farm close to you if you're looking for a toddler activity (or cheap flowers).

Lori's Picks:

Archer Farms Bloody Mary Pickles

There are few things I love more than a bloody mary and a pickle so when I saw bloody mary pickles in Target I just had to get them. I felt like they could go either way but I'm happy to report they get two thumbs up. They have a nice kick and zing to them and are just delicious. If you are a fan of brine, pick these up on your next visit to Target.

La Croix Curate Sparkling Water

If you know me, I'm a seltzer addict. Every once in a while I'll give my sodastream a break and get some flavored seltzer. I recently tried a few flavors in the La Croix Curate (I have no idea what this means except that the cans are tall and thin as opposed to your regular can shape and have more exotic flavors) line and I love them. The Pineapple Strawberry, Cantaloupe Grapefruit, and Kiwi Watermelon are all keepers and would be great with a shot of vodka. You can find them at Target. Clearly this is where I do the majority of my shopping. Free wifi and the youtube app work wonders when you need to get stuff done with a toddler.

Grown up coloring books

I've been wanting to get a grown up coloring book and this week I finally got around to going to a Barnes and Noble (although I saw today that Target carries them too) to buy one. I can't wait to watch <insert trashy reality show> while coloring in my grown up coloring book.

Have a great weekend! We'll be back next week with a Thredup review (spoiler alert: it's not pretty)


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