Friday, September 11, 2015

Friday's Fab Finds

Hope everyone had a great Labor Day! Now that the unofficial end of summer has come and gone, we're trying to get back into our usual routine - so you'll be seeing more frequent posts from us (F-yeah!) It's always sad when beach days and flip flops become a thing of the past, but with today being 9/11, we're focusing on the positive - it's time to hug your families a little tighter today.

As usual, these are some of our favorites for the week:

Kristin's picks:

Trader Joe's Sweet Potato Gnocchi 

This is another winner in the TJ's frozen foods section. Just throw them in a pan with 2 TBSP of water and heat them for a few minutes...voila! Even my picky kid, who ate approximately half a bite of dinner the night before, devoured these. F yeah! The portion size isn't huge, and there's really only enough for only two adults if you're using it as a side, which is kind of a bummer if you have a larger family. Fortunately toddler portions are so small that we were able to split it three ways and serve it with chicken breasts.

Lilly Pulitzer Agenda

Something about September makes me want to go out and buy tons of school supplies (even if I don't need to use them). The next best thing is a planner. Lilly releases theirs every August, and I've always found this to be annoying because they run from August - December the following year, so you have to go and buy one when your old one still has months left. I just found out today they're releasing 12-month planners starting with January 2016 - F yeah! The only annoying thing is the 12-month ones aren't spiral bound like the regular agendas ... not sure why they're changing the design/format. I'm wondering if it will be annoying to use since it probably won't lay flat, but I'll have to investigate when this one runs out in December. And as of now, they only come in two colors instead of a bunch like the Aug-Dec agendas.

Lori's picks:

Homewood Suites

If you have a child, travel with people who have children, or just want some extra room to spread out when you're traveling, check out Homewood Suites if you haven't stayed in one yet. A few weeks ago I traveled with my parents (hubby was traveling for work) to visit Thomas Land (stay tuned for a post about this in the near future!) and we stayed in a Homewood Suites. This chain is geared towards people who are staying somewhere long-term for business but they are the perfect solution for families. We got a 2 bedroom suite and it was perfect. Each bedroom had their own full bathroom and was separated by a spacious living room/kitchen. It even had a fireplace. There was a pool that my son loved and a fairly extensive breakfast buffet that is included in your stay. I loved it so much that I booked another stay next week when we go to Hershey Park.

Shutterfly's 16 Square Collage Photo Frame

I'm as obsessed with Instagram as I am with having pictures around my house. Sometimes these obsessions don't see eye to eye when I'm too f-ing lazy to print pictures out, go to a store to buy a frame, arrange them in the frame, and then actually hang the frame on the wall. Shutterfly has this magical power to connect your Instagram account so you can pick and choose pictures from there and put them on just about any product they sell. I wanted to pick out some of my favorite Instagrams and this collage frame is perfect. I was a little worried that the frames would look weird if my original Instagram had one (or didn't) but the finished product turned out great and doesn't look weird that the pictures have different filters on them. I love looking at it whenever I pass it. And the best part was I did it right on my computer and Shutterfly did all the work. Shutterfly participates in Ebates (only 1% but better than nothing!) so if you're not a member sign up here. Shutterfly usually has coupons and even has free items so like them on Facebook and/or google for a coupon code before you order. Coupon codes and Ebates can be combined.


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