About us

Kristin and Lori have been friends for almost 20 (!) years, after meeting as students at Susquehanna University. Although neither of us remember the official first time we met, our friendship was solidified on a six-hour bus ride to a regatta in Virginia freshman year, where we discussed important subjects like Kristin's Mom Mom's lanai (really, that's the biggest takeaway either of us have from that day). We went on to become roommates, then sorority sisters, and the rest is history!

After college, we both moved back to our respective hometowns (Lori in North Jersey, Kristin in the Philadelphia burbs). Over the years, we made plenty of trips to visit each other, but when Lori's husband got transferred to Philadelphia, we were reunited once again! We've been through a lot together, from questionable decisions as study abroad students in London to the Festival Del Taco at Lori's wedding in Mexico. Work drama, engagements, weddings, pregnancies, cancer ... you name it, we've been friends through it all.

Although these days our idea of a night out is more like the monthly dinner we have with our college friends, we like to think of ourselves as "cool moms," a la Mean Girls. Just kidding. But seriously, as moms of toddlers, we're all about projects and products that are fast, fun, and FAB.